The Victoria, London
15th February 2023

Words & images by Felix Bartlett

Snake Eyes kick off their debut headline tour with an unforgettable night dowsed in rain and pints.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a drizzly Thursday night than than tucked away behind the bookshelf in The Victoria, London in the company of three punk-rock bands. Snake Eyes made hit The Victoria last night for the debut show on their very first headline tour! Brighton grunge trio Snake Eyes brought along with them PLAY DEAD and SPLURGE. for an evening dowsed in rain and pints.

At the heart of this lively night of rock raucousness, Snake Eyes brought their tantalising new single ‘no one is truly cool‘ to a room full of eager fans. With drums thumping so hard that you could feel it in your chest, the trio also thrashed out their latest track from their latest EP ‘40 winks‘ alongside previously released singles ‘Dig‘ and ‘Happy Pills‘, which featured on our weekly singles roundup, with insane harmonies from Jim (guitar) and Nicole (bass).

All three bands poured everything they had into their sets, and although it appeared the rain had kept some people in for the evening the ones in attendance gave it their all!

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