By Kieran Webber

Last week we had the opportunity to see the country/folk/blues guitarist Charlie Parr at the Bristol Exchange.

The Carry Nations kicked the night off, an alluring and interesting group of musicians particularly in the vocal department. The range and style that both vocalists bought both a rough and gritty sound that was accompanied by a softer, more soothing one.

The Carry Nations

Following was the eclectic Howlin’ Lord, a much loved local figure and for good reason. His use of heartfelt country is to be adored and had me stood in awe. His music connects to people in a way that few artists are able to do so by singing about fuck-ups, anxiety and general life. But unlike many of today’s artists he sings from the heart, a modern day story teller.

Howlin’ Lord

Charlie Parr shuffled his way nervously to the stage once Lord had left such is his character as Parr is one of the most genuine, humble and introverted artists around. Once set up he began, entertaining the crowd with his dry sense of humor and stories and his heart warming music. Through every emotion he projected onto the crowd they reacted by moving and swaying to his more upbeat tracks and sitting in sombre when he went towards his more emotive side. Put simply, it was a true spectacle and a completely mesmerizing experience.