Photography by Alice Mcdonald

Alice Mcdonald
Alice Mcdonald

Alice McDonald is a Press and Editorial Photographer based in Falmouth and Brighton who hopes to break into the fashion and music industry. Spending most of her time shooting digital and film you can always find her with a camera to hand.

UK rapper Coops made his way to Cornwall during his recent ‘Lost Soul’ tour where he was welcomed by a sell-out crowd

On Saturday 22nd October Coops performed live at the Cornish Bank, for the seventh stop of his ‘Lost Soul’ Tour, 2022. Welcomed to Falmouth by an energetic and enthusiastic crowd, it is safe to say this could be one of the liveliest sets of the tour. 

Coops took to the stage with DJ Flex and special guest (and childhood friend,) Ritchy who joined him for their song together, ’No Safety,’ which popped off. The electric atmosphere could be seen throughout  the entire show: the whole of the audience was bopping and dancing to every song, even the chilled out beats. An energetic evening filled with good vibes: Falmouth crowds are a different vibe to anywhere else, the infectious atmosphere of energy and dancing fill the air. But it is also down to the performer, which in Coops’ case captured the audiences’ attention for the whole night.

Seeing Coops perform his music live was amazing. Coops’ albums are all bangers, but listening to the songs live added even more energy to them. Coops did not miss a beat. This has to be one of my favourite live shows I’ve seen in Cornwall. Coops you can definitely come back to Falmouth on the next tour! 

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