Enter Shikari | Noahfinnce | Blackout Problems 
HERE at Outernet, London
15th February 2023

Words & images by Felix Bartlett

Enter Shikari mark the epic start of the brand new ‘A Kiss For The Whole World’ ETA in style by kicking off at the brand new venue Here At Outernet, London

Enter Shikari are set to release their seventh studio album ‘A Kiss For The Whole World‘ later this year in April. The boys have been touring since their 2007 debut set ‘Take To The Skies’ and have continued to prove why they are considered one of the most energetic live band currently on the scene.

Opening the night with their live debut of latest singles ‘(Pls) Set Me On Fire’ and ‘It Hurts’, along with 2022 one-off singles ‘The Void Stares Back’ and ‘Bull’ provided a new experience for veteran fans and also proved to be just as exceptional when performed in a live setting. All these tracks still brought energy that can be found in the bands extensive back catalogue. Throughout the set the band dipped extensively into their tracks throughout the years, however, there was no dip in energy even when newer tracks ‘{ The Dreamer’s Hotel }’ to mention one. That’s not to say this set was a throwback for those who saw the band years ago with their iconic track ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’ bring given a complete makeover for the bands new era of music.

Enter Shikari have tended to eager fans wanting to hear some of their more iconic tracks in their back catalog and have since introducing a quick-fire round where the band play four tracks in about 10 minute succession. This was present in the current setlist with tracks ‘Havoc B’, ‘Bull’, ‘The Last Garrison’ and ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’ being the chosen tracks for this. Whilst this was an incredible 10 minutes filled with crowd surfers and mosh pits galore it can be argued that some fans might find themselves eager for more. Elsewhere, their newest track ‘(Pls) Set Me On Fire’ proved to be a highlight despite being only recently released.

Shiakri’s debut set comes to a close with a throwback of nostalgia as the opening two tracks from ‘Take To The Skies’ are played. ‘satellites* *‘ sees the rainbow LGBT flag spilled across the venue, with ‘{ The Dreamer’s Hotel } closing the bands debut set at Here, at Outernet, with the words “If love is blind, hatred is deaf – and well-fed” showing fans out of the venue.

This show proved to a wildly successful night in the band’s career giving fans both new and old the opportunity to experience Enter Shikari‘s extensive discography in a 2,000 capacity room. March and April will see the band return to venues across the UK with hopefully a new setlist showcasing more of the bands both old and new tracks!


  • (pls) set me on fire (Live debut)
  • Radiate
  • Juggernauts
  • The Void Stares Back
  • It Hurts
  • Havoc B
  • Bull
  • The Last Garrison
  • Sorry You’re Not A Winner (’23)
  • Undercover Agents
  • Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour
  • Interlude 1
  • Labyrinth
  • Zzzonked
  • Live Outside

  • Stand Your Ground; This is Ancient Land
  • Enter Shikari
  • satellites* *
  • { The Dreamer’s Hotel }