Photography by Uchechi Adeboye

Uchechi Adeboye

My name is Uchechi, and I am a 21 year old law student from the north of Scotland. Outside of my studies, I am a avid concert goer and music enthusiast. Photography has also been my passion for as long as I can remember, so getting to combine my two passions through concert photography has been great. When I’m not being my camera or typing with my keyboard, I am enjoying nature with my friends.

Glasgow Grooves to Mahalia Burkmar’s Album ‘IRL’ on the Big Stage

Leicester-born R&B artist Mahalia Burkmar took to the stage in Glasgow to present her latest album, ‘IRL.’ After a three-year gap from her last album release, Mahalia’s performance showcased her development as an RnB artist, and as an individual. 

The show was opened by the up-and-coming boy group No Guidance and despite them being yet to release their debut album, the audience was engaged with their on-stage charm. No Guidance were dynamic and able to hype up the crowd, setting the tone for Mahalia’s set that followed. The four-man group performed both originals and covers of RnB classics which were undoubtedly known by everyone in the crowd. 

The crowd were engaged throughout and knew the lyrics word for word. They were familiar with both the newer and older songs, however the older songs were the buzziest. During fan favourites such as ‘Sober,’ Mahalia and her band put a well-received jazzy twist on the live renditions. Her vocals on the bridge of the song were a standout and left chills down my spine. 

The highlight of the show was the conversations Mahalia had between songs with the crowd. She discussed her personal journey as an artist, and detailed how she, for once, is in a healthy long-term relationship. Often writing songs about heartbreak in the past, her growth from toxic relationships to consistent happiness has helped her write some more upbeat songs. She discussed her music and her life in a way we could all relate to; lockdown was a transitional period for everyone and it is clear Mahalia spent that time channeling her thoughts into music. 

Another crowd pleaser was her karaoke segment where she took song requests from the crowd and performing them in harmony with them. She sang the songs ‘BRB’, ‘No Pressure’, ‘Slowly’, and ‘Letter to Ur N(Ex)t’. It was refreshing to see an artist dedicate a segment of their show to allow fans to hear some of their favourites that missed the cut. Mahalia then slowed down the show for the crowd and brought out a guitar; showcasing her vocal abilities during the acoustic rendition of ‘What You Did’. 

The show was upbeat, intimate and funny throughout. Mahalia has a great stage presence and will hopefully continue to rise within the RnB community and beyond. She is a natural-born performer, and her down to earth aura helps those following her career feel like they’re growing alongside her. 

Photography by Uchechi Adeboye
Photography by Uchechi Adeboye

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