Orange Fest
Princess Pavilion, Falmouth
Saturday 11th March 2023

Ghetto Orange

Aoife Hyland
Aoife Hyland

Fashion & gig photographer. passionate sun set watcher from London based in fal!! Love diving into concert & fashion shoots capturing the atmosphere

Aoife Hyland headed to Princess Pavilion in Falmouth to cover a wide variety of Falmouth talent at Ghetto Orange’s Orange Fest

Attending any live concert is an experience that can never be replicated by listening to music on a digital platform. Orange Fest, organised by rapper Ghetto Orange, created unforgettable excitement, energy, and connection between the audience and the performers, building a unique atmosphere that is simply incomparable. The concert was held at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth, bringing electric energy as the crowd started to arrive. From the first act to the last, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. 

There was a wide array of talent performing, including Tega Blaize, Webmoms Live Ensemble and Beau Bennett. Ghetto Orange performed both alone and with other Orange Fest artists. All performers seamlessly collaborated with riffs and vocals to create an intricate and layered sound that was mesmerising to watch. 


Throughout his set, Ghetto Orange engaged with the audience, chatting, and jumping into the crowd to sing at points. Bringing the whole performance together was a contemporary dancer to open his set and dimmed coloured lights to really create an atmosphere for what was to come. The night’s performances were infectious, the energy in the room was contagious, and it was clear that Orange Fest had brought everyone together in a shared moment of joy and connection.  

Check out the full live gallery below:

Beau Bennett
Ghetto Orange

Photography by Aoife Hyland: @apif.e

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