Words & Photography by Kieran Webber 

The winter months in the UK can be a dull dreary experience, especially in Cornwall. The once beautiful landscape turns barron, the cold coastal air trembles down through your spine and the county turns into a sleepy hollow. However, this year throughout the winter there has been an abundance of shows, especially in the town of Falmouth. We’ve been truly spoilt by the wonderful display of live music within these darker months.

One said show that was causing a stir was the upcoming single release party for The Rezner‘s ‘Micky’, the highly anticipated debut release from the band. The night was set to be a spectacle with performances from Truro College newbies Ballerina, Oxford gnar dogs Flat Lager, dynamic duo Waxx and of course the lads themselves The Rezner.

Ballerina by Kieran Webber

It wasn’t long before the notorious Falmouth pub venue was full with eager music fans, wanting to have their brains melted. Thankfully starting band Ballerina managed to do so, although a very young band they held down their set with ease. Boasting a heavy and large soundscape. It is clear they draw a lot of influence from the grunge world, especially Nirvana. With a little more practise I’m sure this band will start to make a real impact on the local scene.

Flat Lager by Kieran Webber

Following was the slacker/surf rock vibes of Flat Lager, who personified their sound with masterful ease. The threesome from Oxford brought a level of hilarity that was much adorned by the crowd. The crowd danced, moshed and crowd surfed in delight. Gorging up what Flat Lager was pouring out. Halfway through their set, bassist Lolo tore open his shirt to show the crowd his interesting body art, before the set he had wrote “Happy Mummy’s Day” in pen, which was beautifully decorated with hearts. It was a hillarious moment that summed up the joke infused, care free attitude of this fantastic band.

Waxx by Kieran Webber

Up next was Cornwall’s favourite duo Waxx, a raucous band that always comes out swinging. This set was no exception, from the first chord struck to the very last they gave it their all. Their fuzzed out punk music is draped in high octane energy and has the ability to send crowds into a real frenzy. It’s a ferocious bout of punk-rock that is utterly infectious, you can’t help but fall into the chasm of chaos that Waxx create.

The Rezner by Kieran Webber

After much anticipation The Rezner came onto stage, having to push past a full room. As they picked up their instruments the boys were full of smiles, eager to play to the adoring audience. Things kicked off with the party anthem ‘The Jive’, a real crowd pleaser. This high level of energy was maintained from beginning to end, they put their absolute heart and soul into this performance. However, it was during ‘Micky’ that things got real wild, with a guest performance on guitar from The Velvet Hands‘ Dan Able. With no guitar obstructing lead singer Sam Stone he threw himself into the pool of hands that awaited him, he was held high like an indie-punk deity, ready to be taken to the heavens. It was clear that everyone involved was having a good time, the band were at awe of their crowd whilst the crowd wanted all that they could give. The band relished in this atmosphere and gave an otherworldly performance. This night further solidified the opinion of The Rezner being one of Cornwall’s most exciting bands.

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By Kieran Webber