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Words: Harvey - Williams Fairley | Image: David Libman

I am in two minds as to what to say about Twin Peaks performance last night, hosted by the Bar Fly in Camden, London. Twin Peaks for just over a year now, have been a band that I have been obsessive about. Emerging from Chicago competing with the likes of the Orwells, the band have done extremely well for themselves, and are a perfect example of garage rock bands who know how to produce an album D.I.Y. Their first endeavor ‘Sunken’, which was released in 2013 on Los Angeles based independent record label, Autumn Tone Records reached critical acclaim and the NME listed them as a band to look out for in 2015. Each album there after has also been a big hit, ‘Wild Onion’ the bands second album launched their career having been released on Grand Jury Records in 2015. Twin Peaks certainly pack a punch, they write great songs, with good hooks and also write great lyrics. Time and time again I find myself being surprised by this band in particular, due to their ability to keep things fresh and original. It would be a challenge for me to tell you which of their records is my favorite, as I have several!

Twin Peak consist of Caiden Lake James – vocals & guitar, Clay Frankel – vocals & guitar, Jack Dolan – bass guitar, Connor Brondner – drums, and a new addition to the band Colin Croom – keys, guitar & vocal. I was more than excited to see Twin Peak perform last night, but I left the show feeling somewhat pissed off! The performance itself was brilliant, which I was pleasantly surprised about if I am honest as it was apparent that Caiden, Clay & Jack were completely smashed! This was funny for all of ten minutes until them being drunk monopolized their performance, and Caiden threw up on stage after chucking the remainder of a bottle of bourbon. I’ve nothing against drinking and enjoying a drink, and luckily the bands drinking didn’t interfere with the performance (too much). In between songs I think it’s both great and important when a band show their personality and charm when they speak to an audience. I know these guys have that charm too, I’ve seen a few videos online where they are completely sober and they are funny and witty. Last night the charm was pretty inhibited, the boys were slurring utter nonsense. It was embarrassing and unprofessional, but that is just my opinion. Axel Rose being a prime example of rock stars who take things too far, not that I’m comparing here, but boys seriously take note. I know you’re on tour, and you’re excited and celebrating, but save getting drunk for when you’ve finished playing. If I had paid any more than £10 to see you play last night I’d have left in more of a stinking mood. Also, where was your encore? I think the booze slapped some of the boys hard in the face, because they couldn’t have left the stage any faster if they’d tried. Overall this is an example of bad showmanship, and I’m not impressed, which actually pains me to say. I’d love to see Twin Peaks play again, but not any time soon.

Also Bar Fly, your venue is great! However you should really consider updating your sound equipment, the music was barely distinguishable most of the time. I felt quite sorry for ‘Thee MVP’S’ who amongst others supported Twin Peaks last night. I feel like if you don’t know the band, or the songs, you’re going to have a challenge being able hear the lyrics. As in, I only knew when to sing or what to sing when watching Twin Peaks as I knew the songs so well. The sound was like being presented with an impenetrable wall of fuzz, overwhelming and sometimes annoying. ‘Thee MVP’S’ were great though, upbeat, fast and punky, who me and my girlfriend both agreed had a sound comparable to the Buzzcocks.

Overall, the gig was value for money. At £10 the venue was decent, the music was great and the atmosphere was lively and enjoyable. Twin Peaks are set to play more gigs in London, I can only hope they don’t get so trashed!