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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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The delightful and daring Liz Cooper reveals her latest effort ‘Hot Sass’ – the title track of her new album due out September 3rd, via Thirty Tigers. (Pre-order)

A track of bold self-introspection and honest reflection, Cooper holds a mirror up to herself and takes accountability for the ‘mess she’s made’ and the actions needed to reconcile. The US-based Cooper uses swirling psychedelia and reverb-heavy vocals to create a mesmerising soundscape. Wildly electric and featuring RIOT GRRRL-esque lyricism, rolling drums take centre stage in an eccentric and feral display of passion.

Of the song, Cooper shares, “‘Hot Sass’ is a big fuck you to myself. It’s me looking within at the mess I’ve made and then picking up the pieces only to throw them all into my orange furry purse to savour for later. It’s my alter ego, the outcast and glue of the record. The sound of low lows and high highs and the stillness in between.”

From her upcoming full-length effort expect twelve tracks teeming with even more exciting narratives, lush vocals and bold introspection – it’s not one to be missed.

Listen to ‘Hot Sass’ here:

1. Slice of Life
2. Heart Shaped Candy
3. Motorcycle
4. Hot Sass
5. Feeling Good
6. Lucky Charm
7. Getting Closer
8. Shoot The Moon
9. Fragile Lips
10. Je T’aime
11. My Oh My
12. Smoke Break

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