Newquay May Be About To Get The “Best Skatepark In Europe”

By Rocky Poole

Newquay skaters. Stoke searching – Adrenalin junkie – trick boarding hype tigers. This is your call!

Our old and faithful wooden waves skate park is coming to the end of an era, and may soon be replaced with a modern, creative and incredibly well designed ‘Concrete Waves’ skate-park designed and constructed by the preferred contractor and world class industry ‘Maverick Ltd’.

Majority of the town are in huge favor of the new park design and idea. As much as I’d love to be emotional and sentimental as we kiss goodbye to what was and has been, our local hang out and home of finest skating attributes in Newquay, I have to be a realist. It’s time for a new wave. A new era of skating. A modernisation.

More than 2,500 people supported the plans and signed a petition, that’s more than 10% of the entire population of Newquay and is said to be one of the best skate-parks in Europe when it’s built, and is said to be valued at a cost of around £500,000. So yes, be excited. Be very excited! However, in order for this to fully go-ahead, fundraising will need to be put into action. But for now, let’s just continue to focus on the purely insane new features to the proposed park and let’s begin to look at the incredible assets a new park would provide!

Concrete Waves Skatepark has been designed specially to provide a range of facilities and a combination of elements to provide endless amounts of fun. The complex will be divided into four separate areas. A street run, a snake run bowl, a BMX flow park and even a retro style amoeba pool!

The separate routes of the skate park will all link together and create a huge flow park. Maverick Industries Ltd have proved to show immense passion towards the plan and their willingness to be involved has been credited by the Town council.

Wooden waves has proved to be the mother of the skate scene here in NQY, breeding some quality skate talent and enabling the youth to expel their energies through board sport and pure knar! However, With the Cornish weather forever pitting the dampers on things, no pun intended, the wood has began to rot and decay. Meaning, as you’re about to drop in, your interrupted by off cuts of wood and slippery unstable surface to shred’ – making skate life, ‘pretty suckery’ as quoted by a NQY youngster.

This is where the ‘Concrete wave’ creation comes in. You see, having concrete as opposed to wood will provide far better facilities to skaters and will be much safer too. The wooden ramps currently standing, cost around £15,000 a year to maintain… so with concrete in place, this will save thousands over the years and will also boost tourism in Newquay also. ( For any local Newquay skaters, the idea of boosting tourism means a lack of localism, No Dogtown Zephyr style aggression would be appreciated, but we’re not holding out for a miracle here! )

With this new creation on the rise, the opportunities for skateboarding are endless. Having a world class park will attract some of the finest talent nationally and will welcome some new faces to share the stoke and shred the waves here in Newquay.

This proposal of a new park is still in the early phase of it’s creation and fundraising will NEED to be put into action. So the process will take time, and there’s currently no time scale as to when the park will be built, but on the bright side, the plan has been confirmed and given the go-ahead. So we have plenty of time to froth about the preposition!
Overall, Concrete Waves Skate park will be an incredible design and will open up a whole new door to the world of skateboarding here in Newquay.