Words by Tom Tozer | Photography by Danielle Goodland

Seeing Long Tonic for the first time live a couple of months back was such an enjoyable, good and funky experience. From note-one they had the audience moving. Their latest single ‘Echo Chamber’ is a testament to the bands shining talent.

Long Tonic has a plethora of genres within their musical output. Their latest track â€˜Echo Chamber’ tackles the subject of technology addiction and how it was better before, and they have a point – with many sharing the same thoughts. People present themselves the way they want on social media and there’s more to this than meets the eye is the concept of their song.  

Behind the intelligent and vocally strong lyric is a fun bluesy funk riff from Matt Hooper, a truly talented guitarist showing some of his talent in this track. As a whole, the band is very tight, which is needed while playing the complicated concoction of genres that this outfit is.

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