By Kieran Webber

Now and then an artist arrives that pushes the boundaries of technology and music. One said artist is Lucy Dreams who uses an audio AI to formulate their music. The two producers from Vienna input sounds and noise from analogue and digital synths, what comes back is what we hear. The two producers felt this this AI called Lucy was dreaming and thus the name Lucy Dreams.

It’s an innovative project that has created a multi-layered soundscape, blending electronic, synths, percussion and guitar.

The latest offering ‘Know My Number’ is a synth-pop driven track that sees ethereal vocals dance eloquently over the top. The song was created after a silence from the AI, producers dp asked a question “What’s the matter”, to which the AI responded “I Wanna Know My Number”. The song breaks the barrier between man and machine.

Listen to ‘I Wanna Know My Number’ here:

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