By Kieran Webber

Luke Jones has released his second single ‘Where Do We Go’, following on from his impressive debut ‘Follow Suit’. It’s yet another release that boasts the young musicians songwriting ability.

‘Where Do We Go’ is filled to the brim with angst and apathy. Taking a look at the world we live in, the ever peircing lyrics go through the listener like a sharp blade. Lyrics such as “I’d rather type on the screen then have to talk, it’s a sad realization but i’m going out my way to avoid conversation. It’s a sad realisation but that’s how it is for the sad generation” stick with the listener. It’s incredibly relatable and wonderfully observant.

This strong message is delivered through Luke’s breezy vocals and emotive guitars, it’s on par with artists such as Sam Fender and Arlo Parks. Luke Jones is going to become a household name if he continues to release music of this quality.

Listen to ‘Where Do We Go’ here:

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