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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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Following a string of successful single releases, life-long friends Lunar Vacation have announced the release of their first full-length studio record ‘Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp’. Known for their psychedelic sonic offerings and insatiable vibrant lyricism – Lunar Vacation are set to stun in their latest contemporary feat.

To coincide with the album announcement, the Atlanta hailing quartet have released the first single, ‘Mold’. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Tame Impala and Snail Mail, the track features potent guitar lines, hypnotic vocalisation, and a vibrant indie-rock display.

Listen to ‘Mold’ here:

Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp’ is out 29th October.

With a narrative based on ‘tackling the oddities of influencer lifestyle’, the band are focussing on the trials and tribulations of the new ‘modern’ culture that is overly obsessed with lives on social media.

Grace Repasky (songwriter/vocalist/guitarist) says the song is about “…navigating the oddities and strange tides of West Coast culture, specifically L.A., and influencer lifestyle for the first time. We played a festival out there and it felt like I was in an immersive Instagram advertisement. It kind of freaked me out. To make it all more confusing, the song also deals with having feelings for someone wrapped up in that culture and the conflicting feelings of wanting to fit in.”

Having previously self-released two EP’s, Lunar Vacation adopt the help of Keeled Scales with the release of ‘Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp’.

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