By Matilda Barker-Hall 

‘Once A Queen’ recently released by the trio Lyena expresses the softer side of the band, a song that is accompanied by an exposed structure and eerie melodies. Raw nostalgic memories of angsty teenage years and youth rebellion uproar the song within the mellow yet driven verses that are a nod to strong female role models. 

Lyena, established in September 2018 through their similar musical ambitions, influences and high octane playing styles, are creating a big name for themselves with their powerful performances saturated with energy. Their story telling of strong messages, such as social media, gender divide, homelessness, self-entitlement and loss, are exhibited in a playful manner lure listeners in along with their mixing of confusing emotions that protrude positivity and love. It is awesome to see their songs having characters and narratives that intertwine together being apart of a larger storytelling universe.

If they are playing anywhere near you take the exhilarating opportunity to get lost jumping around to their catchy pop fixes, that are held together with compelling intricate drums, a thundering bass tone and biting choruses. 

Listen to ‘Once a Queen’ here:

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