By Kieran Webber

The story behind how bands meet can be some of the interesting tales a musician can tell you, and MADUS‘ is a real rib tickler. They met on a musicians classified site or “online dating site for musicians” as they put it. Sam Sobo (drummer) and Dugan Cruz (vox/guitarist) joke “it was love at first note”. Since their birth in 2009 the band has changed members and monikers several times before landing on what we have before us today, MADUS.

The latest single to be sprung from the bands loins ‘Hey You!’ is a anthemic belter of a track that blends all the vital elements to a classic rock song. It has the hip swinging swagger, a riff so large it could crush an infant and pounding percussion. The sultry vocals compliment the overall biting sexiness of the track although dancing delicately near cheesy. It carries a similar sound the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age and early Arctic Monkeys. They are certianly a band to keep your eye on.

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