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Out now via Bandcamp

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

I first got my ears around Magana‘s music whilst browsing Soundcloud on a winters day and within seconds I was drawn in, the soft pluckings of the guitar followed by the subtle introduction of her emotive yet pleasing vocals had me struck. That said song was the elegant ‘Inches Apart’ a lustful song about the difficulties of a long distance relationship.

Although my introduction to Magana was one of tranquility the EP showcases that she has a huge soundscape that she plays with, her music is a unique borderline lo-fi collection of emotive music. Although only four songs the EP acts as a splendid introduction to Magana and carries of a promise of things to come.

Magana grows as the EP goes on, starting off somewhat whimsical with ‘Get It Right’ whilst finishing with the slow building but explosive end with ‘Golden Tongue’, but one thing remains noticeable throughout the EP and that is her vocals which are simply beautiful.

The ‘Golden Tongue’ EP is a stunning (if not short) collection of songs from the Brooklyn based artist that show us what she is capable of and teases what we can expect in the future.

Listen to ‘Golden Tongue’ EP here: