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Alannah Williams

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With their album release looming imminent, Los Angeles duo Magdalena Bay offers up the gem that is ‘You Lose!’. The pair Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin that make up the enigmatic two-some, have a natural penchant for producing upbeat and energy-fuelled tracks perfect for summer listening.

Completely otherworldly and artsy, ‘You Lose!’ features lush vocals atop delicately placed synths and crunching, persistent percussion. The accompanying visuals make the track as much a cinematic feat as it is sonic. With video-game qualities and purposely grainy imagery, the ‘school project’-esque montage confuses and delights. A flurry of bright colours and flashing envisions perfectly complements the gritty track almost perfectly.

Listen/watch ‘You Lose!’ here:

The band divulges that ‘You Lose!’ is “about trying to be a musician and feeling like time for success is always running out. It’s definitely melodramatic, describing ourselves as aging and nearing death, but sometimes it really feels that way.” 

Due to be released on October 8th, their full-length offering ‘Mercurial World’ is set to propel their popularity and stance as musicians in the alternative rock scene.

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