By Luke James

Rating: 4 out of 5.

‘Weird Feelings’ is the debut album from new Leeds based band Magick Mountain. Rather than being a band of new faces, Magick Mountain are a three piece made up of members of Sky Larkin, Grammatics and Pulled Apart by Horses but the end result sounds bigger than the sum of its parts.

The opening track, ‘Bart Cobain’, starts with the garage rock strut of The Vines but soon enough the bass comes in like a sledgehammer of distortion to let you know that they’re not here to play around.

Throughout ‘Weird Feelings’, the dual vocals of Lins Wilson and Tom Hudson work perfectly together, almost echoing the type of vocal partnership of a band like The Beatles with the way their voices compliment each other. It’s not just the vocals that benefit from this partnership. The bass and guitar attack you in tandem throughout every track on ‘Weird Feelings’ with the bass following the guitar up and down the fretboard almost as if to challenge each other to play harder.

There is a brief break from the heaviness with ‘Dream Chaser’ a track drenched in reverb and dreamy duel vocals. As the lyrics say “waiting for the wave to crash”, that’s exactly what it feels like with the track finally swelling up and washing over you. Not long after Dream Catcher ebbs away, it’s back to business with ‘Infinity X2’ which rattles along as if all the energy they had saved up from playing an acoustic song had exploded out of them. With tracks like ‘Cherokee’ and ‘Stranger Danger’ strutting along like early Queens of the Stone Age, ‘Weird Feelings’ is an album that grabs you and makes you sit up and pay attention.

‘Weird Feelings’ offers a might barrage of riff infused garage rock that is easily on par with the like sof Ty Segall, Fuzz and Thee Oh Sees. It’s a frantic sound that is begging to be heard live. The only slight disappointment is the lack of sing along anthems or memorable hooks. Although with riffs this large and infectious who needs that.