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We speak to Cornish artist Maisy Grace about her debut album, life in the South West, and much more!

Maisy Grace has been building a strong foundation in Cornwall with her heartfelt, emotionally driven music. She has played at countless festivals from Rock Oyster to Boardmasters and now she is releasing her debut album ‘Based On A True Story’, produced by Kouncilhouse.

It’s an exciting time for the fledgling Cornish artist and we have no doubt the album will be a stepping stone to success. With this in mind, we were eager to chat with Maisy about the new album, life as a Cornish artist, and much more.

Kieran: Let’s jump right in and chat about your debut album ‘Based On A True Story’, how long have you been creating this and what is the story behind it? 

Maisy: It’s been about a year in the making, but it doesn’t feel like it. It started off just as one song with an awesome producer called Kouncilhouse to see what would happen, and then the songs kept flowing until we decided to make an album.

“I love that about writing lyrics as you can base them on your experiences and surroundings but other people always have other ways of thinking about and relating to the songs in their own lives”

Maisy Grace

Kieran: Are there any particular artists or people that have influenced the album?

Maisy: The album has a lot of inspiration, from Tom Misch to London Grammar, and also some Sade. I listen to a lot of people and like so many different aspects of their songwriting.

Kieran: Can you talk us through the writing and recording process, what does that look like?

Maisy: This album has been quite different from how I usually make songs as it has been a collaboration with someone else which I haven’t done before. Kouncilhouse would make the base of a music track and I wrote the song over the top. The songs would then change depending on the vocals that I made or stay the same, but Kouncilhouse is always a genius in knowing what the songs need to sound like.

Kieran: Your album takes huge influence from Cornwall and your life here, how do you feel people will relate to this? 

Maisy: I think people can take the songs in so many different ways. I love that about writing lyrics as you can base them on your experiences and surroundings but other people always have other ways of thinking about and relating to the songs in their own lives.

Kieran: Can you explain what life as an artist in Cornwall is like? 

Maisy: I think it’s awesome. It is a small place but I’ve always felt that it’s such a community and everyone just knows each other from doing events, and from the live music scene around here. I see similar people all around which makes me good friends in the industry and contacts that can always help each other out further along the way.

Kieran: What is one misconception that people have about Cornwall? 

Maisy: People always come to Cornwall for a holiday in the summer, so I feel like they think It’s always lovely and sunny and summery. It’s not! Winter in Cornwall is hard and cold, and very rainy. But personally, I think it’s worth it.

Photography by Kieran Webber

Kieran: If you could collab with any artist who would it be and why? 

Maisy: I would love love love love to do a collab with Loyle Carner. His voice is beautiful and I would love the chance to do some music with such a great artist.

Kieran: Lastly, apart from the debut album release what can we expect from you in 2023 and beyond?

Maisy: I am moving away from Cornwall to go to uni in London. I will be studying music and all of the aspects involved with having a life in this industry. I am nervous but so excited to see what happens and what opportunities come up from being in such a cool place. I will always be glad to come back home though. I could never spend too long away from Cornwall!

Debut album is out NOW!