By Kieran Webber

The Swedish psych-rock outfit Marble Mammoth return with the anthemic psych-pop track ‘Have The Sun Lick Your Mind’. A track that is remiscent of 90’s Britpop era, particularly artists such as Primal Scream.

Subtle keys bounce off harmonious vocals and melodic guitars, breaching into a spaced out sound, yet still keeping its feet solidly on the ground. It’s a track beaming with positivity, you can’t help but be caressed by the bands uplifting energy. In a time of uncertainty and bleak realities music such as this offers the listener a moment’s relief.

Speaking about the track singer and guitarist Tobias Begholm says: “‘Have the Sun Lick Your Mind’ is a song about healing, about starting over and about feeling hope for the future, even though it might look dark at the moment.”

Listen to ‘Have The Sun Lick Your Mind’ here:

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