By Kieran Webber

Copenhagen’s Marching Church, the onetime solo project and now bona fide band formed by Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (best known as the lead singer of Iceage), will release second album, ‘Telling It Like It Is’, on October 28th via Sacred Bones Records.

‘Telling It Like It Is’ forgoes much of Marching Church’s past proclivity for wild stylistic swings in favor of thematically unified, complicated, but cohesive song arrangements. Immediately apparent through debut single, ‘Heart of Life’, a swaggering track oozing in cool that boasts Elias’ prowess as a front-man.

Listen/watch here:

Album artwork & track list


1. Let It Come Down
2. Up For Days
3. Heart of Life
4. Inner City Pigeon
5. Lion’s Den
6. 2016
7. Achilles Heel
8. Information
9. Calenture

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