By Kieran Webber

Marina Avetisian is a Russian born but london based singer-songwriter. Working with musicians Miguan and Jorma Gasperi she creates a harmonious blend of jazz, pop, soul with a sprinkle of blues.

Recently Marina shared the new single ‘Amber’, a bright burning sun drenched tune. ‘Amber’ highlights the tranquil nature of her songwriting that is further boasted by her angelic vocals. Dreamy guitars bounce off soft percussion creating a warm, groovey soundscape. ‘Amber’ is essential listening in these trying times, offering a moments peace.

Speaking on the track Marina said: “This song is a perfect summer vibes song and I really wanted to write something light, positive, joyful with inspiring lyrics. Something that would be uplifting in the strange times we are living at the moment.”

Listen to ‘Amber’ here:

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