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Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Prolifica Inc

Coming back after an absence is always hard for a band because you’ll instantly grab people’s attention and you need to be able to back that up. Well it’s been 4 years since Maximo Park released their last album (‘Risk to Exist’) and they’re coming out swinging.

‘Nature Always Wins’ is Maximo Park’s seventh studio album and they show no signs of slowing down. First song, ‘Partly Of My Making’, with its orchestration and booming drums sounds huge. Almost Kasabian like in its sound, the odd timing is a bold move for the first song but it just works. From here on out, ‘Nature Always Wins’ almost sounds like a ‘best of’ such is the familiarity of the songs and the quality of the writing.

In each song, a different instrument seems to take their turn to shine which keeps every song interesting. If the drums are playing a standard beat then the bass will be keeping things interesting with its runs. If the bass is sitting back then the guitar will be putting in this work. This only serves to show how talented each member of the band is. Lyrically, Paul Smith largely talks about his new found parenthood which lends a personal touch to the vocals.

Where ‘Partly Of My Making’ goes for size, it’s soon followed by ‘Versions Of You’ which is almost held back in its attack but goes for beauty over power. The only glimpse you really get of the Maximo Park we know and love is ‘Ardour’ which could happily slot in to one of their early albums. Other than that, ‘Nature Always Wins’ is mature without sounding dull. Older and wiser without sounding generic or losing its edge.

‘Nature Always Wins’ is the sound of Maximo Park getting their second wind and it is bigger and better than they’ve ever been before. Welcome back guys.

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