Ever wanted to be entertained by a sound so mellow that it makes you feel like hot butter melting over pancakes? Well, Maya Lucia is the artist for you, whose sound carries a warm tranquility that is destined to make you sit back and slump in your favourite chillout spot.

Her back catalogue is a wonderful listen that boasts honest songwriting matched with sultry guitars and subtle percussion. It’s truly music that warms the soul and takes the listener to somewhere blissful. The latest single ‘Luuverboy’ is a perfect example her melancholy indie-pop with extra dazzle, it’s a guaranteed earworm.

‘Luuverboy’ opens with a swaying guitar that allows for Maya’s blissful vocals to breeze through, creating an daydream aura that is delightfully soft and alluring. This is music for the lovers, for the smokers, for those who are seeking peace. Maya Lucia is a master of creating a sense of calm throughout her music, there is no doubt she will serenade you to a place of true bliss.

Listen to ‘Luvverboy’ here:

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