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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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In a cathartic release of sonic energy, the Amsterdam-hailing indie-pop queen Mazey Haze has released the title cut from her upcoming EP, ‘Always Dancing’.

Growing up inspired by the likes of legends Fleetwood Mac and ABBA, Haze’s tracks are veined with ’80s influences reminiscent of dream-pop soundscapes found in the catalogues of Snail Mail and Alvvays.

Always Dancing’ hits a streaming platform near you October 22nd.

Making a name for herself with her own unique brand of pop, Mazey Haze enlists the help of synth-wave percussion and dreamy sonic backdrops for her lush vocals to layer atop. Blissfully succinct, Haze’s honeyed vocal intonations make for a hypnotic listen. Wrapped around gentle guitar strokes, the psychedelic cut offers a delightful view of what we can expect from the full EP.

Opening up the EP, she divulged, “…An EP about me struggling through my first breakup(s) and trying to figure out who I am, for the first time ever. Sound-wise the EP is also strongly guided by my gut-feeling and intuition. The music accompanies the lyrics as it matches the strong and deep feeling I had at the time. The EP is sonically straightforward but detailed as well. Dynamic and layered. Groovy and dreamy. For me, this EP is the beginning of floating through the unknown, forever.”

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