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Adam Laver

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Following their debut EP ‘Overcoming Shyness’, London indie outfit Medium Love have released a charming new single ‘Dirty Knees’.

The catchy guitar riff will ring inside the minds of listeners long after they finish listening to the London band’s latest single. The lo-fi production and meaningful lyricism create a warm charm to Medium Love, which is embracing and invites their fans to a comfortable space where they can listen to ‘Dirty Knees’.

The glistening lead guitar echoes throughout the track, adding a touch of Foals and JAWS to their sound. Their upbeat and contented sound resonates through the lyrics as – something so strong to keep on going on – appears before the band burst into the emphatically powerful chorus and they tell their fans not to hold back.

Vocalist and songwriter Kacey has said that most of his songs appear in his dreams and takes inspiration from their narrative or the emotion that they ignite within him. Since he grew up in a colourless part of California, Kacey had to find stories from elsewhere.

“I grew up in the middle of the desert in California near Joshua Tree so you have to find things to fill your time pretty fast otherwise the meth will get ya”.

Lyrically influenced by the writing of Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Wilke, it is clear that a wide range of art has impacted on Medium Love’s music.

Listen to ‘Dirty Knees’ here:

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