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For fans of Phobophobes and Girl Ray, Medium Love are here to satiate your need for indie-pop pleasure. Based in London, the Californian-born KC Underwood, after the collapse of the previous project Big Deal he decided to take things his own way, and Medium Love was born.

Back with their new single ‘Unibummer‘ in collaboration with Nathan Ridley (Gay Girl, Phobophobes) and mastered by Dean Reid (Lana Del Ray), the solo project seeks solace in change and the story of hermit turned outsiders Ted Kazinsky. Focussing on narratives of modernity and feeling stumped by the universe, Medium Love has a knack for creating relatable and sunny tracks set to awe and inspire. Kicking with woozy energy, delightful synth melodies, and lush vocals, ‘Unibummer’ is a shimmering offering from the band.

Talking on the track, Underwood explains, “He felt like he had to terrorise the USA to get his message heard, which is both insane and relatable.”

Medium Love currently has a full-length debut album in the works with Margot Broom (Goat Girl, Big Joanie, Blue Bendy). 

Listen to ‘Unibummer’ here:

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