Megan Black made waves in 2019 with her debut single ‘Fur Coat Queen’, which caught the attention of plenty in Scotland, here stomping grounds. Since Megan has been working hard at crafting her art, working towards the release of her debut album, which is scheduled for later this year. Recently she shared the debut single from the album ‘Freedom Belongs To Him’, a sultry, swaying barrage of powerful vocals and retrospective guitar play and percussion.

The retrospective is a theme that runs through all of Megan Black‘s music, dancing eloquently through the vibrant and soulful sounds of the late 60’s and 70’s. Her music is a real fusion of vintage sounds, imagine if Janis Joplin, Hendrix, and Joni Mitchell formed a supergroup, sonically this is where Megan sits. It’s an incredibly alluring sound that has excellent songwriting at its forefront, you can’t help but want more of Megan.

Her latest track ‘San Francisco’ is an enthusiastic barrage of all that was great about the golden era of music, striking vocals, wailing guitars, and thought out songwriting. It’s a wonderful release that boasts her ability to craft music that is not only memorable but highly entertaining. The track forces you to look back at the hippy era with doe eyes, wishing that perhaps you could of experienced life on the sunshine coast of California in its heyday.

Thankfully, artists such as Megan are soundtracking our dreams in the modern era, all from the comfort of our home.

Listen to ‘San Francisco’ here:

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