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Willow Shields

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Welsh wonky rock-four piece Melin Melyn return with their latest single ‘Rebecca’, which seamlessly combines London wonky guitar music with jazzy country-core. This off kilter ode to farming is a perfect addition to the band’s repertoire, a truly unique vintage pop song to help solidify their place in the scene. With the band now based in between London and Cardiff they get the best of both worlds, the scary wonk-pop lads of the London scene and the Welsh countryside which could inspire even the most boring poet, gladly this isn’t the case for Melin Melyn, the immaculate storytelling leads the listener in and around the protagonists life.

The song starts with slow country-esque guitar reminiscent of Haze (Home Counties’ former band), we are then taken on journey through the farm by Gruff Glyn (vocals and guitar) where the farmer’s animals have been discovered dead. Glyn exclaims “We’re coming for you, Rebecca” before the song crescendos into a guitar-piano-saxophone frenzy with Gruff screaming “Rebecca” repeatedly until the song abruptly ends and you’re left wanting much more.

This is an exciting second single after the band’s debut ‘Mwydryn’ a Welsh sung psych-pop song, ‘Rebecca’ is a slightly different way to go for the band but it looks like a promising track to put them on the map, Melin Melyn are your next favourite welsh band. Get excited.

Listen to ‘Rebecca’ here:

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