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Indie legends Metronomy announce the special edition of their 2022 album ‘Small World’, featuring reimagined versions of their songs from a variety of artists

For many, Metronomy are everything an indie-pop band should be. And though their career spans back to 1999, they are still finding new ways to keep the genre exciting (see their huge 47 date EU and UK tour for proof of this). 

Their newest project is a re-release of Small World’, their brilliant new LP. However, the fun of this new version is the second disc of reimagined versions of every track. In a similar way to ‘McCartney III Imagined’, Metronomy have trusted nine acts to re-work their tracks, leading to some seriously exciting collaborations.

These will include Katy J Pearson, Porij, Haich Ber Na, Jessica Winter, Panic Shack, Sébastien Tellier and more. Our first taste of this exciting project comes from Katy J Pearson and her version of Love Factory’

It is hardly surprising that this reimagined version is even better than the original. Katy J Pearson’s performance is typically brilliant and her unique voice gives the track a whole new folky spin. With lo-fi acoustic guitar, heavenly guitars and synths and the duet of Pearson and Mount’s vocals create a seriously beautiful atmosphere. 

The music video, with its 80s inspired cheesiness, floating heads popping in and out and greenscreens is the perfect companion to the track. If all of the new versions sound as gorgeous as this one, we are in for a real treat. 

Small World (Special Edition) is out on 29th November via Because Music.

Watch/listen to ‘Love Factory’ here: