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Millie Burdett

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‘Things Will Be Fine’ is the life affirming track you need on repeat to ease you through those January blues

This reassuring hit from Metronomy is the second single released from their eagerly anticipated upcoming album ‘A Small World’, out on the 18th February. The soothing vocals of lead vocalist Joseph Mount, combined with the comforting lyrics of better times ahead, reek of further success for the indie-electronica band.

Upon listening to ‘Things will be fine’, the word authenticity instantly springs to mind. The affirmative lyrics embody the familiar feeling of being uncertain of the future, but speaking positivity into existence despite this. Metronomy invite their listeners to feel reassured in difficult times, and that they’re not alone in this hardship. The track truly captures what it is to be human, and doesn’t shy away from the fact that it’s okay to be hesitant of what the future holds. Metronomy’s beautiful dissection of the human condition lends itself to their long held success in the industry thus far.

Unashamedly optimistic, the new release from Metronomy screams of sunshine and happy memories in times of bitter new year gloom. Their decision to steer away from stereotypical indie tropes of cynicism suits them, and it appears their forthcoming album will embrace this feel-good sensation too.

To put it simply, ‘Things Will Be Fine’ feels like a warm melodic hug. And who wouldn’t want that?

Listen to ‘Things Will Be Fine’ here:

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