By Kieran Webber

Mikko Joensuu’s soul-searching ‘Amen’ trilogy continues with ‘Amen 2’ the follow up to last spring’s ‘Amen 1’ album saw the singer-songwriter laying low, sitting alone on the porch of his small cabin by the lake, staring into the water and strumming his acoustic guitar. On Amen 2′ he gets up and walks into the forest to meet the rays of the rising sun.

Raised in religious surroundings, the seven years leading up to the release of this series were fraught with depression and loneliness, as Joensuu slowly came to terms with the idea that God did not exist in his mind anymore. ‘Amen 2’ looks into the strange thoughts that run through a person’s head while they losing their religion, and the fragile feeling of trust in one’s mind that has been close to a collapse for years.

As Joensuu explains; “There’s a certain balance to be found between an overwhelming joy towards the beauty of life and living, and not really knowing if the mind will collapse into the abyss again. On Amen 2 the light is definitely present, although it is more interested in observing emotions and thoughts than setting them in stone.”

The glorious 7 minute track ‘Drop Me Down’ is nothing short of epic, with layers of intense emotion and questioning of faith it evokes a feeling that is beautifully relatable. Everything shines within this track from the vocals to the slowly driven plucks of the guitar it is a truly splendid listen.

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