By Kieran Webber

There are infinite reasons why someone may want to start a band. For Mint it was about trying to escape the grey, hopeless town of Grimsby. It’s an experience that is shared by people across the globe. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, music can offer an escape, if not literally then at least mentally, for a time.

Mint‘s music captures this escapism, particularly their latest single ‘M180’. A classic coming of age track that details life as a teenager growing up in the north of England. It’s a hook heavy indie-rock track that is bursting with high octane energy.

Speaking on the track lead singer Zak said: “We were talking a lot at the start of the lockdown about what we were missing like festivals, the big hometown gig we had arranged, service stations and new fans and realised that actually there were loads of people missing out on huge life experiences” He continues “The ones that come once in a life like Reading festival after exam results, late night parties in the Grimsby East Marsh Estate and fires on the Cleethorpes beaches in Spring and driving in your first car out of town to parties with your cheap runner full of tanked up singing mates.”

‘M180’ is a track that celebrates the good times, the times where you acted irresponsibly and came out the other side to talk about it. You cannot help but find yourself under Mint‘s spell.

Listen to ‘M180’ here:

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