By Kieran Webber

The newly formed indie quartet from London have recently dropped their latest single ‘Taste Invader’. A song that is oxymoringly catchy as it’s “catchy guitar pop about hating catchy pop.”

Mirror Shot have managed to create a song so ironic that has become the very thing it criticises. It’s masterful songwriting that is daringly infectious. The guitar hook and rolling baseline will stick with you for days to come.

Talking about the track songwriter Naill Rush explains:  “It’s sort of an ironic ode to being a teenage muso snob. Being a dick about music as a teenager is ludicrous and embarrassing in retrospect – but it’s a kind of energy in a way, it’s an expression of interest, and it was part and parcel of my original passion for music. Writing a song in character as a puritanical anti-pop crusader then sticking a bloody cowbell halfway through it amused me, as an oxymoron.”

Listen to ‘Taste Invader’ here:

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