By Kieran Webber

The solo project created by Josh David-Read (singer-songwriter for Cactus Haus) was born out of the current pandemic. The lockdown measures in place allowed for Josh to focus his creativity into Mojo JNR.

It’s chilled out bedroom-pop at its very finest and the latest single ‘Peach Out’ encompasses this wonderfully. It’s a mellowed out track that fuses warm vocals with breezy guitars. Creating an alluring sound that is sonically pleasing.

Lyrically the track explores life with anxiety. Trying to be calm and relaxed when you are doing nothing. A message that is delivered through Mojo JNR‘s upbeat and optimistic sound.

Speaking about the track Josh explains: “The phrase ‘Peach Out’ was originally a typo from a text, intended to say ‘Peace Out’. I thought it was a clever play on words and kept it in mind. With that floating around my head I stumbled across a page that focuses on holistic medicines, and a crystal called a peach aventurine was the spotlight of a post. It is meant to relieve stress and anxiety, a couple of my friends use it and say it really helps although it’s a process I’ve never fully understood. I thought it was great so explored those avenues for a song topic.”

Listen to ‘Peach Out’ here:

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