Montero Performer artwork .jpg
Out now via Chapter MusicĀ 

Rating: 7.5/10

By Kieran Webber

Montero is the project of Australian artist and musician Ben Montero. Ben has built up a cult following not just for his musical abilities but for his illustrations that have been featured on album artwork, t-shirts, and posters for artists such as Mac Demarco, Ariel Pink, Pond and Kurt Vile. Ben also has a column in VICE where his furry (and sometimes slimy) comic creations depict the human moments in life.

Recently he has released his sophomore album ‘Performer’ a swirling sonic explosion of electronic infused indie psychedlia. Much like his illustrations his music carries a similar tone of unity, we’re all in this together. The album contains themes of mental health, vulnerability, partying and our general existence. All of this is delivered through a blanket of electronic fluffiness that gently guides you into Montero‘s world.

Opening track ‘Montero Airlines’ gives us a one way ticket into the mind of Ben, like you he too feels scared, alone and in need. The lyrical content is something that will resonate with most people – “Help, It’s not good for me to be alone right now, alone right now”, this powerful opening has you gripped.

But it’s not all about vulnerability, there are powerful messages of positivity sprinkled through this colourful body of work. Tracks such as ‘Good Vibrations’, an anthemic belter that has you arms open reaching for the stars, singing along to the lyric “I really want to feel the vibrations, coming in clear and bright”. It’s a beautiful sentimient that has a clear and concise delivery.

Throughout the album you are treated to a delightful dish of warm, indie psych electronica cloaked in a bizarre yet wholesome soundscape. Montero has crafted a body of work that not only offers a carefree experience but also allows you to think and resonate about things deeply emotional and personal.


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