By Matilda Barker Hall

From the surfers hotspot Newquay, Mopes has arisen, a one-man band that brings endless amounts of dynamic talent. Connor Powell has been present across the Cornish music scene for the last couple of years, having been the lead guitarist and vocalist in Reni and the Bonglords, drummer for Flowers of Palo, drummer for Bruise Cruise and supporting the local scene in attending majority of gigs. 

February this year we were treated to an EP release ‘Get You down’, an attractive EP for beach bums, punk rockers and indie lovers. Recently released ‘Morrissey’ follows this similar garage/ surf rock/ chill tone that runs through his music, a tone that is also crafted with a Caribbean esque bassline not really seen across his other music. Which conjures an image of jigging about in the tropical sun with a rum and ginger beer in hand. In fact this could quite easily be a reality: go and soak up those sun rays while they last. The multi lingual lyric that roughly translates to “the queen is dancing on Morrissey’s grave” also adds to this idea of escape. 

Though it is a rare occasion to experience this music live due to it being entirely produced by Connor, the Cornish crowd are dealt smashing performances of these tracks from The Sheds. This band is a two piece of Connor and ex-drummer from Reni and the bonglords, Luke Agius. Connor explained that this process can be seen across Australia with artists like Gee Tee and R.M.F.C who make lofi/ garage-like music independently and then perform this music live with a band. Wonder whether this will become more popular in Cornwall after lockdown, considering that all bands have had to isolate away from one another? Will they produce music independently and then perform it in a band?

It’s food for thought but in the meantime go check out Mopes now!

Listen to ‘Morrissey’ here: