Meg Fletcher
Meg Fletcher

Commercial Music student based in Suffolk, East Anglia. Megan is most known in her area for her portrait photography and passion to help grow the music scene in Suffolk. Alongside journalism and photography Meg is also a lover of fresh coffee and local food!

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk based musician Mosiah Levi has released his latest track ‘Rest’ featuring North London soulstress BaggE. This follows the release of his track ‘Angel’ becoming his first single to reach over 10K streams. Since the release of the ‘Rest’ last month, Mosiah Levi aka Jo Levi Frankson received his first major radio play on BBC Radio 6 by the presenter Tom Robinson with the support of BBC Introducing.

Firstly, a minor detail you might miss at first is subtle bird chirp-like sounds subtly accenting the beginning and end of the track. The song is calming, dreamy, lying on the floor listening with headphones kinda vibes. Consisting of Mosiah‘s soothing layered guitar and backing vocals. BaggE‘s verse adding a female perspective to the story as well as adding beautiful harmonies throughout the end of the track.

According to Mosiah Levi: “The song is about my indecisive apathy for love. Both wanting it but also not wanting to go through any more pain. A feeling everyone can relate to at some point, I’m sure.”

Now leading up to the release of his debut project, titled ‘Headspace’, which is teased to include already released tracks ‘Headspace’, ‘Angel’, ‘Rest’ and ‘Good Together’ along with 4 additional unreleased tracks. It is suggested that there is a track in there for everyone, to matter what kind of music you’re into. We’re super excited to hear what comes of Mosiah Levi in the future.

Listen/watch ‘Rest’ here:

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