By Kieran Webber

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mother Vulture have been on a mission to create as much chaos and noise in every venue they visit. They’ve built a strong reputation for being a wild, frantic riff infused live band. Now we can enjoy this from the comfort of our own homes. That is until you thrash around and wreck the joint.

Their hard rock, bellowing barrage is present across the whole record. There are few moments respite. Much like their live shows their is barely a moment to breath.

The live album kicks off with ‘Tell Me’, an explosive track that has the bands unhinged sound on full show. From this point on it’s an ear assault of the highest order, track after track, riff after riff. Their music is a wonderful pairing of new and old. Vocally there are resemblances to Budgie and Led Zeppelin, yet behind that with the rhythm section it’s AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

Axeman Brodie Maguire is the driving force though. His slick licks, hook heavy riffs and general impressive ability to seemingly pull solos out of thin air is overwhelmingly impressive. However, each member of Mother Vulture is an expert in their field. They form a musical glue that has sealed their large, behemoth of a sound.

If there is one song that encompasses what Mother Vulture is, it’s ‘Mr. Jones’. This immense song combines the bands greatest elements, heavy riffs, blaring vocals, thumping percussion and a steady yet immense bassline.

It’s not all riffs and headbanging action though (it mostly is). ‘Bleeding Feet Blues’ shows the bands groovier side. It’s a track designed to be danced too. A swaying guitar pairs with alluring vocals.

The album ends perfectly, just as their live sets do. The band offer you a moment’s rest, a time to reflect on the carnage. ‘Objectify’ starts slow and builds to an all mighty crescendo. A barrage of guitars come raining down. The clm is over and Mother Vulture demand carnage just one more time. Georgie Ivanovs vocals come cascading through, his range on full show and arguably where they are at their most impressive.

Then it’s over, the record is done. You are somewhat relieved as finally you can rest. It’s an exhausting listen in the best of ways.

Whilst we may not be able to go to shows ‘Doing It Live’ offers you an insight into the fun, sweaty madness. We all need escapism right now and Mother Vulture hand it out in bucket loads with this record.

Album artwork by Red Moon Design

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