Words & Photography by Kieran Webber

The Blackdog Haircutters has long been known for its occasional live music and has become a staple of the Falmouth music scene. The intimate venue provides a unique outlet for live music with its vintage music memorabilia, trinkets and Star Wars collectables. Throughout the years it has entertained locals and students alike and provided a distinctive space for creativity, last weekend was no exception.

Easing the crowd into the forthcoming onslaught was the organ driven Cherry Garcia. They provided a barrage of psychedelic garage rock that was forefronted by large riffs and swaying vocals. It had a running groove that bellowed throughout, creating an experience similar to The Doors, if they listened to Ty Segall.

Cherry Garcia Falmouth Cornwall
Into the void with Cherry Garcia by Kieran Webber

Following this was the explosive Sea Of Vandals who within the first few minutes set the tone with their anthemic, almost Pearl Jam inspired sound. They blended the best elements of punk with grunge creating a large soundscape that was utterly infectious. The chemistry that flowed between the band was such a sight to behold, both guitarists threw themselves around, ripping solos off left, right and centre.

Sea Of Vandals Falmouth Cornwall
Sea Of Vandals mid shred by Kieran Webber

At this point the crowd was suitably warmed up, eating out of the hands of each band. At one point a guy turned to me and said “This is the best gig I have been to in a long time”, he wasn’t wrong. Each band was bringing their ‘A’ game and the sold out venue was eager to have their brains rattled.

Thankfully Cybernetic Witch Cult where ready to shake peoples heads with their sludgy, stoner rock riffs. Each track sounding larger than the last, crushing down on the audience like a ton of bricks. Their music has an interesting cinematic feel to it, dancing in retro futurism. Some tracks had samples from Sci-Fi movies (from what I could make out), it was really interesting. This element added another level to a band that could just be remembered for large riffs and thumping percussion.

Cybernetic Witch Cult Cornwall
Cybernetic Witch Cult drummer Lewis May shows his percussive prowess by Kieran Webber

Closing off the night was Bristol based Mother Vulture who truly brought the thunder with them, without hesitation they broke into a flurry of guitars, howling vocals and hard hitting percussion. Their stage presence was something to be adored, each member throwing themselves around like wildmen. Guitarist Brodie Maguire and bassist Chris Simpson collided off each other on many occasions. The whole thing was a spectacle with band members throwing themselves into the audience. At one point leadsinger Georgie took his top off and got amongst a pit that opened up. It was pure madness, but it was beautiful.

Mother Vulture Falmouth
Brodie Maguire lets loose by Kieran Webber

It was an incredible night of rock music that was proof that the scene is well and truly alive and Cornwall has its arms open ready for the experience. Within time nights like these will be a regular thing and I truly cannot wait.

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