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The Nashville duo, compromised of Mitchell Taylor and Sam Katz have come out swinging with their latest single Boxing Your Ears’, following the anthemic ‘Are You Changing?’

It’s another slice of indie that draws influence from the likes of Oasis, The Killers, and The 1975. Fusing poetic songwriting with hard hitting composition and emotive vocals. It’s hard not to sink into the arms of Mountains Like Wax, their sound is delightfully comforting. ‘Boxing Your Ears’ starts with a subtle guitar stroke that builds into a full indie anthem assault. Vocals drift through the backdrop and leads the single to a wonderful crescendo of a chorus, all elements come together, guitar, bass, percussion and vocals, making for a real sensory experience.

Speaking on the track Taylor explains: “’Boxing Your Ears’ is the moment when the inner-fight and naive optimism waves the white flag towards a relationship that is too far to be requited.” Adding, “I wanted to depict that moment when you’re drunk and you catch yourself in the bathroom mirror and just stare for a moment – with your hands on the sink and a purple-faded smirk, asking yourself, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’”

It’s another track in the band’s back catalogue that continues to boast their songwriting ability and their powerful delivery. All the elements work together in perfect unison, providing a perfect indie track that demands to be listened to. Mountains Like Wax have incredible confidence and they have every right to, they’re an incredibly exciting act that grows with each release.

Listen to ‘Boxing Your Ears’ here:

Directed by Hannah Hall

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