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Eva Liu releases hauntingly beautiful new single ‘Sore Bear’, taken from her forthcoming debut LP

The Hong Kong British artist Eva Liu, from the indie-rock bank Dama Scout, has released a new single ahead of her debut LP, ‘Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century‘ set for release February 24th via Father/Daughter Records.

The single is joined with the whimsical single ‘Rotten Bun‘ followed by the hauntingly beautiful ‘Ghost with a Peach Skin’.

‘Sore Bear starts with a glitch-like synth sound until the piano and vocals come in which gives the track a sense of clarity, displaying Mui Zyu’s ability to create a bending sonic landscape.

Her haunting vocals and the delicate piano overlapped with the synths audibly sums up Mui Zyu and her seamless integration of genres, with glimpses of her contribution to indie-rock and her solo identity where she takes inspirations from fantasy and folklore.

She takes the song where you don’t expect it to go, leaving you pleasantly on edge and captivated by where the track is taking you, causing an intense listen. This track is peaceful yet full of suspense, calming yet tense with her pillow-soft vocals and lo-fi energy captivating you second by second.

About the track Eva shares: “This song is a moment of calm where the protagonist has finally overcome their battles, but accepts there will be more to come. It is about being comfortable with confrontation but also having the autonomy to choose when / if to confront. It’s about protecting yourself with love and accepting that with love there will be loss.”

Leaning more into her fantasy inspired mind in ‘Rotten Bun, Liu utilises chopped-up soundscapes that create a delicate ambience with clear nods to her Hong Kong heritage. As a child, Liu would often keep away from traditions “I am Chinese and I am owning it,” she explains. “Before, I would resent it. I tried doing things that would make me like less Chinese somehow.” Liu began to read the traditional writings of Pu Songling and joined local East and Southeast Asian groups, which helped her to accept and celebrate her roots. The portal began to open and allow Liu to combine her love of video games and film scores with traditional Chinese instruments.

The sonic electronic landscape soaks the single ‘Ghost with a Peach Skin as Liu continues to tell the story of her protagonist wandering through life as a lonesome warrior. This track describes leaving a past version of yourself for a new you, whilst showcasing all that you’ve experienced.  “Even though a peach is a delicate fruit that bruises easily, in Chinese culture it represents longevity and immortality,” she says. For ‘Ghost with a Peach Skin, Liu collaborated with a traditional guzheng player, Yijia Tu, and integrating the recordings throughout, giving the end of the single an electro-pop feel.

Mui Zyu is set to play an album release show at Servant Jazz Quarters on 1st March and tickets are on sale now. Get on it to be transported on a whimsical journey through the fantastical mind and creative genius of Eva Liu.

Her debut LP, ‘Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century‘ is set for release February 24th via Father/Daughter Records.

Listen to ‘Sore Bear’ here:

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