Music | Feature | 5 Indie Acts To Watch Out For

By Kieran Webber

Of recent it would appear that Indie music has had a resurgence, sneaking through the rafters there is a new wave of young, energetic and ambitious bands coming through. We decided to narrow our list down to 5 acts that we feel you should also keep your eye on, this was no easy task and we are sure there are more to mention but these particular artists have taken our eye.



The band, who hail from Cambridge have a very bright future ahead of them and it is our firm belief that they are going to be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Foals and Bastille. It is also worth noting they are fresh out of college, they are years ahead of their peers. We were first introduced to Staycations with their emotive and infectious single ‘The Enemy’, we were stunned ney dazzled by their hook laden indie rock anthems. Their following single ‘Hey Guys!’ continued their addictive indie sound that brought forward softer vocals.



The experimental indie duo have been around a short while but have already made a big impact on the scene, their use of traditional indie riffs mixed with 80’s synth work creates a spiraling cazm of sounds. Their back story is also an interesting one, both of them come from the strangest of backgrounds it’s a wonder how they ended up playing music together. David Kirshenbaum, a former corporate consultant, and Michael Lipp, a failed strip club DJ. WHAT!


ImageProxy (5).jpeg

Another indie duo, this time less focused on synths and more on drowned out vocals and soul wrenching songwriting that gets into your very core. Babygirlband‘s truthful songwriting is what makes them so alluring, you can’t help but feel attached to them because of this.


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 14.05.40.png

These four lads from Leeds have recently come on the scene with their latest single ‘Honest’, a fantastic fusion of synths and hooky guitar lines. This is just beginning for the young band and have shown huge potential to be one of the UK’s most sought after bands.

Also look closely in the video you will see Newquay Harbour!

Glass Peaks


The four piece from Kent dive into the realm of self-proclaimed ‘melancholic alt-pop’, derived from influences such as Joy Division and The Smiths and resonating the sound of contemporaries like Ben Howard, Foals, The Maccabees and White Lies. Although the band float within the Indie genre, they pack more of a punch than the previously mentioned. Their latest single is a testament of that, starting as a sultry percussion driven track that slowly develops into an absolute onslaught of guitar, bass and percussion. Glass Peaks wish to make an impact if they continue to pump out tunes like this the surely will.