Music | Interview | 1955

By Kieran Webber

1955 are a rising indie band that have pulled in listeners due to their snappy songwriting and infectious riffs, not to mention a bag full of swagger that could make other bands weep. The band carry a similar sound to The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and The Futureheads, but with a classic so Cal element.

After getting a listen to their latest release (see above) we were hungry to hear more from the band and to get to know them some more, so we had a good ol chinwag with them.

CLUNK: Hello guys, thanks so much for taking your time to answer our questions! How are you and what have you been up to?

Sasha: We are well thanks, busy prepping for a short tour in September.

CLUNK: How did you all meet and at what point did you start creating music together?

Sasha: We were all friends first, playing in various projects and noodling into the night at my studio outside San Francisco. 2012 was when we really gelled into a band and started writing for 1955, that was when the vibe and sound was defined.

CLUNK: One of your listed inspirations is the films by David Lynch, is there a particular film you enjoy the most? If so why?

Sasha: Lost Highway and Eraserhead are my favorites – we even have a print from Eraserhead that a friend made hanging in our studio. We love the mythology of California, especially the siren’s call of Los Angeles. Lost Highway really captures that atmosphere of melted dreams and it has a shellac of gorgeous colors and noir styling over a seedy series of events. Pretty as a picture.

CLUNK: What over influences do you have and for what reason?

Sasha: Wine. Lots of wine.

“We wanted to be that band that you hear as you walk past a club or bar late at night and it stops you in your tracks, draws you in”

CLUNK: Can you explain the process that you go through when writing new music?

Sasha: We play in a circle, someone has a riff or a sketch and we ‘throw it to the wolves’ so to speak. We’re a live band and work things out that way.

CLUNK: What are your 5 most played albums of this year (so far)?

Sasha: Oh wow, five is a lot. The Kills new one is great, Broncho too, and… always nice to hear The Last Shadow Puppets. Other than that it’s mostly older records by Fela Kuti and Nick Cave.

CLUNK: You have a near cinematic and romantic back story in regards to your father, did he ever tell you any stories that you would like to share?

Sasha: So many. He was followed daily by the KGB in the late 70s, though a lot of artists in the USSR were – regardless of whether they were subversive or not. So he has some exciting stories of hopping off trains and ditching his tails so he could meet his new girlfriend (my mother) in the middle of night. She was British and the KGB were convinced my father was trying to defect and become a spy. And he was. Trying to defect that is. Actually maybe he was a spy, that would explain a lot.

CLUNK: When 1955 started did you have a plan as such or was it more of a see what happens deal?

Sasha: ‘See what happens’ is right, there was no agenda besides wanting to play our music. We wanted to be that band that you hear as you walk past a club or bar late at night and it stops you in your tracks, draws you in. That’s why our first shows were in remote country roadhouses – we wanted to surprise people who were expecting a crummy bar band.

CLUNK: What can we expect from you this year and beyond?

Sasha: We are touring a bit in September, then recording a new EP. Then we will ‘see what happens’ next!