Music | Interview | Ballroom Babies

By Kieran Webber

Ballroom Babies consists of three brothers who grew up learning to play music together so it’s no wonder they sound so tight. Whether it’s¬†down to them playing together all their lives, or that weird connection siblings have, there’s no denying the fact.

After hearing their latest single, ‘I Won’t Change’, we were desperate to have a few words with the band – ¬†this is the first song they have released after¬†quitting their day jobs to focus on their music. A brave and admirable move that we have a lot of time for.

Listen here:

CLUNK: So how did Ballroom Babies come to be?

Steve:¬†We’re all brothers so we grew up learning and playing music together. Ballroom Babies was formed in 2009 after we spent a few years playing in different bands.

CLUNK:¬†What’s the story behind the name?

Steve: We were already gigging and we needed a name. We wanted something easy to remember so we came up with Ballroom Babies.

CLUNK: You all made the decision to leave your day jobs to focus on your music, how come you made this decision and has it been positive?

Steve: It has been positive. Basically we all decided that whatever we’re going to do, it has to be something in music. I don’t think any of us care to spend any effort doing anything else.

CLUNK: Are there any particular people or bands that have infuenced you? Who and why?

Steve:¬†Sure, there’s lots. We all grew up listening to a lot of old school rock bands – Beatles, Zeppelin, Hendrix etc that’s how it all started and we all kind of branched into our own influences from there. We’ll all listen to anything really though, from classical to jazz, classic rock to hardcore, it’s good to have ‘open ears’ cause you never know how something’s gonna hit you. Doesn’t matter the genre, style, or if it’s old or new.

CLUNK:¬†What was the influence for your latest video and single ‘I Won’t Change’ ?

Steve: We just wanted to do something with a little humor to it. Our other videos have been more on the serious side.

CLUNK: What has been your favorite album of 2016 so far?

Steve:¬†We’ve spun the new Monster Truck album ‘Sittin’ Heavy’ quite a bit on the way to gigs. Great record.

CLUNK: If you could play with any artist alive or dead who would it be and why?

Steve: I would play some blues with Hendrix.

CLUNK: What was the biggest disappointment of 2016?

Steve:¬†Nathan’s allergic to pork now so he can’t eat the ribs when we play ribfest gigs.

CLUNK: Lastly, what can we expect from you guys from 2016 and beyond?

Steve: Keep an eye out for the new record in the fall.

Big thanks to Steve (guitarist & vox) for taking the time to answer our questions and best of luck to the band for the future. You can check out their music here: