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By Kieran Webber

Jay (Beans On Toast) is making his way around the country on his Small Towns Celebrations tour, which sees him gracing the stage at our very own Whiskers, Newquay.

Once we heard he was heading to our home town we absolutely had to have a chat with him.

CLUNK : Hey Jay, so how’re things ? What have you been up to?

Jay : Word up. Things are good. Been up to the usual, travelling, singing,
drinking, trying to be nice.

CLUNK : Your small town celebration tour is a really fantastic idea and as someone that lives in one of the said small towns (Newquay) I am stoked that an artist is taking the time to visit us, why did you
decide to go on this tour?

Jay : I Love touring and seeing new places, I wanted to do a tour of places
that I hadn’t really played before. One idea led to another and here
we are.

CLUNK : What is the attraction at playing in smaller towns and venues?

Jay : Personally I’m from a small town and think it’s a very suitable
backdrop for the songs that I sing, I think it’s where the real
England is.

CLUNK : Your song writing is very honest which is clear through songs such as MDMAmazing what made you write music so honestly ?

Jay : It’s the only way I know I guess, I wouldn’t know where to start a
song that wasn’t a true story or something that I believed in.

CLUNK : Has there ever been anything that you thought actually I can’t
write or sing about that ?

Jay : Not at all, you can write a song about anything, one of the best
things about songwriting is that there are no rules.

CLUNK : As a songwriter you and Will Varley share a lot of similarities and I asked this question to him but i’m curious to was what you would say,so why do you feel music can act as such a powerful tool to raise
awareness against politicians and politics ?

Jay : That’s not why I write music, but yeah for sure it can raise awareness
and pass on messages. I’ve learnt so much about who I am from songs
by other people. But it’s not like songs dictate things, but they can
sometimes point you on the right path I guess.

CLUNK : And why do you feel people have lost faith in politics ?

Jay : I’m not sure that they have. I think people are fed up of getting
screwed over, rightly so. People chose to live their lives in
different ways, if you don’t follow all the nonsense that goes on in
Westminster that doesn’t mean you’ve lost faith or that you don’t give
it shit.

CLUNK : As an artist where do you feel you excel in the studio or performing live?

Jay : One wouldn’t work without the other, I see this whole thing as one
project that ranges from writing, performing, travelling and recording
to artwork, merch and even the admin around it. I enjoy all aspects of
it but i guess at the core of it all is the gigs.

CLUNK : Are you looking forward to your show in Newquay and have you visited before?

Jay : I have, I actually came down in 1999 for the solar eclipse, a crazy weekend.

CLUNK : What influences your music and why ?

Jay : Life, Love and everyday stuff.

CLUNK : Do you have any particular people of artists that influenced you
to make music ?

Jay : Yeah my old man raised me on a diet of country music that I hated at
the time, I’ve come to realise how much affect it had on me and now I
listen to country all the time, songs about drinking and wearing your
heart on your sleeve – for sure they influenced me.

CLUNK : What is can we expect from Beans On Toast for 2016?

Jay : The usual, travelling, singing, drinking, trying to be nice, oh and a
new album out in December as per usual.