Music | Interview | CLAWS

By Kieran Webber

It’s my firm belief that music in the UK is entering another golden age. Bands are popping up all over the place with the ambition of creating music for the masses to bathe in – but, best of all, it is not just one genre dominating the scene, and a huge burst of creativity has meant a wide range of sounds.

CLAWS comfortably seep blissful sun-gazed fuzz pop that is dangerously infectious due to piercing vocal delivery and  hook-heavy riffs. Their ‘Daydream’ EP is a shining example of the bands tenacity and evocative, carefree sounds.

We were lucky enough to have a few words with the guys regarding their music and what makes them tick.

 CLUNK: So how are you all? and how have things been?

CLAWS: We’re all very well thank you! Now the new EP is out, we can relax a bit and look forward to getting it out there and playing a load more shows.

CLUNK: It’s probably best to start at the beginning – how did you all meet and at what point did you start playing music together?

 CLAWS: We’ve all been friends for years and started CLAWS as a bit of fun. Morgan (guitarist) & Duncan (drummer) have been in bands together since they were 13 & Josie (vocals/guitar) and Tom (bassist) have been friends since high school. People seemed to really like the music we were making so we just went along with it all really.

CLUNK: What was the attraction to making music and why do you make music?

CLAWS: We make music because we enjoy it and find it fun. There’s no point it doing something if you don’t enjoy it. Playing live is the best part about being in a band – getting feedback from an audience.

“Our recording process is pretty straight forward – all get together in a local studio, have fun & get the overall sound we want”

CLUNK: When CLAWS was formed did you have an idea of the sound you were to create or did it develop naturally?

CLAWS: It developed naturally – we started off sounding a bit more pop influenced but over time surf/rock crept into the mix. We are influenced by bands like Weezer & Wavves so that plays a big part in how our music sounds.

CLUNK: When writing your music does one member take the lead or is it collective? Explain to us your recording process?

CLAWS: Josie (vocals/guitar) and Morgan (guitar) write the basic structure of the songs & then they bring them along to band practice to see if everyone likes them. Then we all have our own individual input. Our recording process is pretty straight forward – all get together in a local studio, have fun & get the overall sound we want.

CLUNK: Do you have a particular favorite song off the ‘Daydream’ EP? If so, which one and why?

CLAWS: I think my personal favorite is ‘L.O.V.E’ – only because its a bit different to the other songs on the EP & also its the song that is most fun to play live.

CLUNK: Was there a particular influence for the EP?

CLAWS: I guess we just take influence from the bands we listen to and the places we have been. Josie & Morgan went traveling down West Coast America in 2014 so that has a slight influence.

CLUNK: As a touring band I can imagine that you have gathered a pile of interesting/funny/weird stories, care to share one?

CLAWS: When we were on tour with Turnover in January our van got locked in a Travelodge car park and they said that they couldn’t get it out the car park for at least a week & we couldn’t even get to the van to get our equipment out. It was only the second night of tour so we all panicked. It got sorted in the end though – some crazy dude with a hammer saved the day by literally bashing the metal door down to get our van out.  Life saver.

CLAWS: Lots of shows in the UK and hopefully we will be venturing out to Europe in late 2016. Watch this space.

We want to extend a massive thank you to the band for taking the time to answer our questions and invite you to connect with the band via these channels (below).