Music | Interview | Globelamp

By Kieran Webber

Globelamp is the moniker of the talented psych-folk connoisseur Elizabeth Le Fey, Le Fey’s music is as beautiful as it is haunting, her butter melting vocals backed by ethereal music creates an atmosphere of an uneasy tranquility.

Her debut release ‘The Orange Glow’ was a dazzling example of her eclectic songwriting and fairy like charm, and has acted as a shining example to as what we can expect from the rising talent.

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After being completely enraveled in her music we were itching to chat to Elizabeth about the infuence behind her release and as an artist what makes her tick.

CLUNK : Hello Elizabeth, I just want to start this with a compliment and that is your latest album The Orange Glow is utterly beautiful! Now to the questions, how are you?

Elizabeth: Wow thank you so much. I am feeling excited about the album coming out and so grateful for everyone who has helped me. It makes me thrilled that you find the album beautiful. I feel like some people really “get” the album and that is all I could ever want.

CLUNK: List five things that are in front of you right now?

Elizabeth: My journal, a cup of black tea, a bottle of echinacea, my laptop, “Eva Luna” the book.

CLUNK: What was the influence behind Orange Glow?

Elizabeth: King Crimson – In The Court of the Crimson King, Bright Eyes, Tori Amos, the 12 signs of the zodiac wheel, fairy tales, pain, loss, death, rebirth, mirages, washington, traveling, karma, survival, the woods, various energies.

CLUNK: At what point did you know that you wanted to make music?

Elizabeth: When I was a teenager. I would go to concerts and always be right in the front dancing my heart out. I always wanted to be a singer as a little girl and never thought about making my own music until I was older.

CLUNK: Are there any people/artists that infuenced you and your music?

Elizabeth: Definitely. I am inspired by so many people it’s hard to remember sometimes.
Conor Oberst, Stevie Nicks, Syd Barrett, David Bowie, Nina Simone, Cat Power, Kathleen Hanna, Nico, Bob Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel, Francesca Lia Block the author, Oscar Wilde.

CLUNK: What is your process when writing music?

Elizabeth: I always write alone (am open to collaboration though). I keep a journal where I write down daily events and also lines I think up, parts of poems, lyrics. It just matters on what song it is. Sometimes an idea happens with a musical part first or sometimes with the lyrics. I record a lot of voice memos on my phone so I don’t forget ideas I have that could easily slip away.

CLUNK: How has the tour been going so far and where has your favorite place been?

Elizabeth: It has been amazing! Hard to pick a favorite place, maybe Glasgow. My favorite show was in London at Servant Jazz Quarters.

CLUNK: Did you ever see yourself travelling the world playing music?

Elizabeth: I think it was always a dream of mine, I just didn’t realize it could actually be a reality.

CLUNK: Am I right in thinking you were still in education whilst you made this album? What were/are you studying ?

Elizabeth: Yes I was studying at The Evergreen State College. It’s an interdisciplinary school, which means it is not your traditional college. My Jr. year I took a year long course called “Musical Cities” where I studied how the rise of cities changed sonic sounds in the human environment (for example the Industrial Revolution bringing new sounds into the world), noise pollution, why certain musical movements came out of certain cities, architecture, city planning, the grid that cities and music are both made up of, and during the last quarter of that class I traveled to Bonn, Germany to do a project on Beethoven (he was born in Bonn) and on Nico (from the Velvet Underground) who was born in Cologne. ( A city right next to Bonn) The class gave me a lot of freedom to explore music in a way I never thought of before. Before I took a leave of absence in the Fall of 2015 I was in a class called “Of Blood and Beauty: The Thought, Literature, and Art of German-Speaking Cultures”. We delved into the “paradoxes of Germanic sensibilities and the unmistakable coexistence of a drive toward order, structure, technology, and systems, with an equally persistent melancholy, deep inwardness, and mysticism.” I felt like these subjects (especially the mysticism part) fit in well with my music. I did my final project on The Grimms fairy tales and studied Nietzsche’s “On Truth and Lies In a Nonmoral Sense” It’s hard to explain Evergreen because it sounds like the classes are all over the place but I find it easier to study a subject when studied from different angles. I really love that school. (fellow alumni are Kathleen Hanna, Calvin Johnson (K Records) and Carrie Brownstein).

CLUNK: How do you balance your social life and music ‘career’?

Elizabeth: I don’t have much of a social life to be honest. I rarely drink and don’t go to parties or anything. I only hang out with a small select group of people and I spend a lot of time with my family, especially my nana and my 11 year old brother, Gunnar. I try to balance being healthy with my music career. Touring takes a toll on your body and your energy levels can be completely drained. Before this tour to Europe I spent everyday going on 4 mile walks just to prepare myself for having to walk and carry around gear everyday. I try to take supplements while on tour (sometimes I forget) I am a vegetarian so I like to bring snacks with me so I know I will get the nutrition I need. For me it’s more about balancing being healthy, like getting enough sleep and taking care of myself.

CLUNK: Lastly, what can we expect from you in the future?

Elizabeth: More music videos, touring, and definitely another album! I have already written it, I just need some time to get into a studio and begin recording it.