Music | Interview | Penny Bridges

By Kieran Webber

We had the pleasure of asking the Wolverhampton artist some questions regarding her deeply soulful music, as oppose to sitting in one genre, Bridges’ songs are an adventure that builds upon its own sound. Her soft vocals backed by her truthful songwriting create an addictive lure, drawing the listener in to Penny’s world.

CLUNK :Thanks for taking time to answer our questions Penny, how have things been and what have you been up to lately?

Penny : Its great to be able to answer your questions, i’m feeling creative and good thank you, I’ve been working on some new music to bring out alongside Thomas Mellor which is pretty Cool.

CLUNK : Do you have a particular process when it comes to writing songs?

Penny : Not really, I don’t really write things down, if ever i do it’s pieces of poetry etc. I think if anything i just feel in a moment play my guitar and then bit by bit things come together lyrics melody etc. it’s like a connection when the two things feel write it just comes together.

CLUNK : Is your music based off your experiences of emotions or is it fictional storytelling?

Penny : For me it’s all of those things. I think thats what is special about music about songs.¬†it’s¬†a¬†place where expression can be as free as you want it to be. I don’t think we should ever shy away from what we want to create just let it be.

CLUNK : How long have you been making music and why?

Penny : ¬†I was always into poetry and i was surrounded by music, I think by 12-13 it just made sense I found myself making music, though at first I would say I was rather shy and a recluse with what I created. when people would hear me they couldn’t believe it was me! Through high school until now I knew its what I wanted to do. I think when you know you just know.¬†It’s¬†a feeling that¬†can’t¬†fully be explained why. It just surrounds me.¬†It’s¬†a place of¬†every¬†emotions and you true in that moment.

CLUNK : Has any artist or person been an influence on your sound?

Penny : I was always listening to Kate Bush, T.rex to people from the Arctic monkeys. I can’t say I was ever aware of the influence but I always knew when something was great such as joni mitchell who I was shown by The Bullitts Jeymes Samuel when i was 19. She is lyrically so wicked you feel like you go right where ever she was. People’s parties is one of my strong favourites of hers.

CLUNK : Is there a particular artist that you consider your biggest influence if so who and why?

Penny : Not really, I think i make music where¬†it’s¬†neither one genre or the other, not because I Purposely want it that way. but because i just create in a moment. I think as humans we are taught things we hear music we see things and all these moments are what make creations and it carries on and on. its everything that influences us and our imagination is what makes it come to life.

CLUNK : What is your most played record at the moment?

Penny : Well I have been listening to my own song Gratitude haha, are we allowed to say that?

CLUNK : What do you aim to achieve from your musical conquest?

Penny : I aim to achieve everything see inside my mind and everything I feel in my heart. I aim to be successful. I was once told all we have in life is our legacy. I think that to some point this is true. Richard Antwi was a wicked guy who sadly passed away but because he did great things for the music industry his legacy will live on forever, just like prince just like David Bowie.

CLUNK : A lot of singer songwriters go through the TV mediums of The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent, do you agree in this method or is it something you disagree with?

Penny : I feel that¬†it’s¬†just a different kind of platform. you either want to go that way or the other. It’s¬†never spoken to me. But some people have had success from it. I suppose as long as they were true to themselves then we let the world do its thing.

CLUNK : Lastly, What is the plan for 2016?

Penny : My plan is to carry on putting out music, to perform, to aim high and embrace it. I’m looking to do an EP and a couple music videos. I just want to enjoy it. If you can wake up every morning and be happy doing what you’re doing then thats a great thing.